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We have recently launched a new service specifically for people living in regional, rural, and remote areas. While all of the clinical staff at PsychSessions are currently offering services via telehealth to anywhere in Australia, our clinicians in the Rural and Remote programme have particular experience and expertise in offering services to clients in rural, regional, and remote areas.


People from the bush helping people in the bush

  • Our Rural and Remote Service entails psychologists and clinical psychologists who grew up and/or have worked the better part of their careers in regional, rural, or remote Australia delivering psychological therapy via telehealth to people in areas where such services are otherwise difficult to access.
  • Our psychologists and clinical psychologists are fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), and have the same training, experience, and competency levels as our city-based staff. They also undergo the same recruitment processes and on-going performance reviews.

If you are interested in seeing a psychologist as part of our Rural and Remote Service, please call us on 1300 084 006.


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