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Psychology Clinic

Evidence-based therapy for mental health conditions.

Appointments available now.

Via telehealth from anywhere in Australia
or face-to-face in our Canberra City Office.

PsychSessions Psychology

We are a Canberra-based psychology practice providing face-to-face services in our clinic in Canberra City, as well as telehealth services throughout NSW, Australia, and the world.

We provide evidence-based psychological therapy and interventions for a wide variety of mental health and interpersonal difficulties.

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How We Can Help

The therapy and interventions provided by our highly trained psychologists are designed to treat mental illness, relieve distress, restore functioning, and prevent relapse.

Sleep Problems

Do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep? Do you lie awake, tossing and turning through the night? Or feel unrefreshed in the morning?

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Eating Disorders

Do you struggle to eat regularly, either eating too much or too little, or engage in problematic behaviours to influence your weight and shape? Do thoughts about body image influence your mood?

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Children & Adolescents

Appointments available now for children 10 years of age and older. Our psychologists can assist young people with mental health difficulties including anxiety, sleep problems, trauma, depression, school refusal, or behavioural issues.

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Telehealth, including Rural & Remote Care

All clinicians at PsychSessions are currently able to offer services via telehealth, however our Teleclinic team have particular expertise connecting with clients and providing interventions via telehealth.

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Clinic Location & Contact Information

Our psychology clinic is conveniently located in Canberra City. Clients are also able to connect with our psychologists via telehealth from anywhere in Australia.



Fees & Policies

Our cancellation and privacy policies are available via the above link. For information on our fees and Medicare rebates, please see our individual clinician pages.

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Rural & Remote

Services specifically tailored for people living in regional and rural areas

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The health and safety of our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to us. Please do not attend your appointment in person if you are experiencing symptoms of an infectious illness e.g. cold, flu, COVID-19, etc. Telehealth options are available should you wish to proceed with your appointment despite being unwell.

We Are Here For You

Providing effective, evidence-based psychological treatment and support.

PsychSessions acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands upon which our clinicians practice, and pays respect to Elders past, present, and emerging.